Fitness And The World


We all live in a world dominated by visual sense, so it is not surprising that the physical appearance leaves a strong first impression. When it comes to personal appearance the physical condition of the body is a big thing in today’s world. Living in the internet era, pressure for perfect appearance has increased. What was considered a good-looking couple of decades ago today is average looks, by most people. 

Instant access to the personal life of an athlete and fitness model over social media made pressure greater. The urge for a better physical condition has grown since then which is a good thing. Good fitness levels benefit health the most, but it’s easy to overdo in the form of overtraining. That said, it can get a little tricky when it gets to side effects.

What do people expect from fitness

At a first glance, good fitness level usually means a good looking body, and that is usually the case, with one exception. Media and advertisement can create an illusion for the perfect body that is out of reach for most people. For people that are new to the game, an unrealistic idea of the human body can create a lack of motivation. 

Top fitness model that represents products all in marketing all over the place. These days, most of the people are online, usually following social media, coming across too many advertisements with fitness models not realizing it. The problem occurs when they don’t realize that fitness models don’t look like that in real life. They have been preparing for a particular photo shoot for months. During that period they only do that, workout. Because that is their job or are working in a similar fitness field. 

They may even be using pharmacy supplements to their meals that give them an extra advantage. Additionally, if needed, days before photo shootings they go through the dehydration period which lasts for approximately three days, lowering water intake every day. In that period, their skin becomes thinner and as a result, their muscle looks more defined. 

Add the good old photoshop editing to the mix, and there you go. The unrealistic body that is not sustainable on a daily basis.

When people new to the fitness world approach it, they should do it moderately. The target for them should be an increase in the following segments:

  • Increase in physical strength level
  • Increase in physical endurance level
  • Increase in physical flexibility level

What Are The Benefits Of Fitness

Good looks are fine, and it can be a good initial goal, it has the capacity to be a good motivator, but that is not all there is to it. Investing more time in a physical workout, and making it a daily habit, has a good impact on health.

  • Some benefits are:
  • Balanced hormone level
  • Better brain functionality
  • Higher energy level

Besides that, there is obvious evidence of a therapeutic effect. People suffering from conditions such as depression and anxiety should incorporate exercises in their daily routines, as there seems to be a correlation between physical and mental health.

The wrong path that could lead to side effects

The magic of a good daily workout and adapting it to a daily routine is no mystery. That said, when you overdo it, it can have negative effects. In the fitness world, there is a very known term, overtraining. The term is pretty much self-explanatory. More information here.

Body forced beyond limit too can have a punishing effect on overall physical health. The most obvious one is that instead of gaining strength, you start losing it. Also, another sure sign is lower libido. That the short term effects that we can track, but if ignored it can damage life quality later in life. The most common is heart and joint problems. External factors are also playing a part, but it all comes to how much stress the body is going through.

Environment effect that can hurt performance and health

Things we discuss are usually easily manipulated, but some circumstances are partially out of our control. They are required to be examined. A polluted environment is not your friend when it comes to workout. Water and air pollution are a thing for some time now. There is easy access to clean water supply in almost all parts of the world. Usually plastic bottles with mineral water in a marketplace. But when it comes to air pollution, it gets tricky.

Air pollution effects 

can easily go undetected. In fact, many people live in an air polluted environment for a big part of their life. It can be a result of state politics or industrial zones. In that environment, an outdoor workout is usually not recommended. Face masks could help sometime if they block toxic substances that are floating in the air. Either way air polluted environments and outdoor workouts don’t generally go well together.

The safest way of practicing in a harmful environment 

would be to do the workout indoors and use a proper air filter. It is a little more investment, but in the end, it will pay up. Air filters are also beneficial to the environment that are not in the danger zone of pollution. 

The studies show that the buildings that lack good ventilation have polluted air. As a result, sometimes the indoor environment is more polluted than the outdoor one. In these cases, air filters are recommended because some people have a more sensitive respiratory system. That could be a performance changer when it comes to a gym workout or even an office job.

Playing It Safe Is Not a Weakness

Taking care of your health is a good recipe for a happier and more fulfilled life, and a weekly workout routine is a must. So after choosing the right air filter, there are two “schools” that are dominant in the world of fitness. 

The first one proposes that no pain no gain attitude, it pushes to the limit and after that, you got a 48-hour rest. The second one recommends never going over 80% of your limit. The idea behind that is an organization of workout that you can do every day. My favorite is the second. It is less prone to injuries, also preferable for people that are learning a new physical technique.